Adapting to Overcome the Retail Apocalypse

This month, we’re highlighting an exciting new area of Mohr Capital’s expertise: retail. Not only are we excited to enter into this thriving aspect of the real estate market, but we’ve grown our team to help manage and support this new sector of our business. Read on to learn more about how we’re impacting retail nationwide and get to know the key player who’s making it happen – Rob Solls.

With extensive experience in office and industrial assets, we decided it was time to take Mohr Capital’s success to new heights. Our vision for this new segment of our business is to create a large, full-service retail platform focused on value-add development and investment. In order to achieve this goal, we felt it was necessary for Rob to grow his team and onboard new talent specializing in retail development opportunities.

As a company with a single source of flexible capital, we take a highly sophisticated approach to investment opportunities that allow us to create value, act quickly and deliver exceptional quality of service. Mohr Capital knows the importance of trust and what it takes to ensure everyone involved in a transaction is satisfied with the outcome when it comes to brokers and tenants alike.

Retail isn’t Dead – it’s Adapting to a New World

With “retail apocalypse” splashed across every other headline in the news these days, it’s easy to believe that soon we’ll be living completely online when it comes to how we spend our money. While there’s no doubt e-commerce plays a big part in today’s world, certain brick-and-mortar retail segments are booming. Through Rob’s lead, Mohr Capital is capitalizing on those opportunities to create a mutually beneficial partnership with brokers, tenants and landlords.

“Many retailers are simplifying their processes as the result of e-commerce and downsizing to a more efficient prototype, which creates opportunity,” says Rob.

“For example, many Quick-Service Restaurant concepts are implementing a pickup window for app-based food delivery services to provide a cost-effective way to stay up to date and generate additional volume, while still providing the traditional café dining experience.” Mohr Capital is focusing its efforts on locations similar to these with recent closed deals, including a Texas Roadhouse in Ohio and a Wendy’s in the greater Phoenix area.

Meet Rob Solls

Mohr Capital’s retail investments & acquisitions director, Rob Solls, came to us with more than a decade of experience and a deep understanding of what makes tenants and retailers tick. He’s an in-house expert when it comes to value-creation and building mutually beneficial relationships for the company. Rob is a University of Texas at Austin alumni and, as an active member of in the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), he’s passionate about the social, civic and economic impacts of real estate.

Rob and the rest of the Mohr Capital team are looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate and cultivate new, mutually beneficial partnerships nationwide. If you are interested in learning more about Mohr Capital’s services, please contact us today!