Bob Mohr
Bob Mohr has always been driven to succeed. Two years after the Indiana native moved to Dallas to begin a promising career in commercial real estate, the market crashed. A less tenacious individual might have been disheartened by the downturn in 1986. Bob saw it as an opportunity to serve an underrepresented clientele—commercial real estate tenants who had no choice but to work with brokers and others representing both sides of a transaction. Read more
Bob Mohr
Founder & Chairman


Mohr Capital has an intuition not only for real estate prospects, but for top-tier talent as well. Led by Founder and Chairman Bob Mohr, Mohr Capital’s team is comprised of professionals with decades of combined experience in the office, industrial, healthcare, hospitality and retail sectors of commercial real estate.

Each member of the Mohr Capital team was carefully selected for their exceptional skill set, unique perspective and extensive background in the commercial real estate space. Get to know the team members: