With over 35 years of tenant relationships, Mohr Capital has a wealth of experience when it comes to the needs of business owners.
We frequently work with companies that are looking to grow by:

  • Acquiring a Competitor
  • Expanding
  • Managing their Balance Sheet/Reducing Debt

One of the best ways to generate cash to fuel growth is by monetizing your real estate with a Sale-Leaseback. Mohr Capital is actively acquiring properties and can offer you full market value for your real estate. Thanks to our family office structure, we are a dependable buyer and can close quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of a Sale-Leaseback
  • Fuel growth
  • Allows reinvestment of proceeds at business’ higher operating margins
  • Enhances enterprise value
  • Maintain complete control of your property
  • No ownership dilution
Mohr Capital Advantages
  • Well capitalized, with family office capital
  • Dependable buyer
  • Long-term financing relationships
  • Able to close quickly and efficiently (often all-cash)
Acquisition Criteria
  • Property Type: Industrial, Manufacturing, and Flex
  • Transaction Size: $8-100M
  • Single property or Portfolio
  • Occupancy: Single Tenant
  • Location: Nationwide
Case Study

An international NYSE company had an existing facility in Denton, Texas and wanted to expand its space. Working closely with the tenant, Mohr Capital acquired the existing facility, thereby providing the cash needed for the expansion. At the same time, Mohr acquired the adjacent land to develop a larger facility to consolidate the company’s warehousing and logistics needs.

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Denton, TX

Let's talk about Sale-Leaseback

Meet Bob Mohr
Founder & Chairman
Bob Mohr has always been driven to succeed. Two years after the Indiana native moved to Dallas to begin a promising career in commercial real estate, the market crashed. A less tenacious individual might have been disheartened by the downturn in 1986. Bob saw it as an opportunity to serve an underrepresented clientele—commercial real estate tenants who had no choice but to work with brokers and others representing both sides of a transaction.
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Bob Mohr
Meet Rodrigo Godoi
Managing Director — Investments
Rodrigo Godoi oversees the entire lifecycle of an investment and takes a hands-on approach from the concept phase of a project through its completion. In his role as managing director of investments, Rodrigo has actively built Mohr Capital’s investment portfolio by managing nationwide acquisitions and dispositions of office and industrial assets. While some days consist of prospecting and others are spent underwriting and analyzing, each day holds a new challenge. He takes pride in his ability to find investments that hold high market returns.
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Rodrigo Godoi