Maintaining Top Quality in an Ever-Changing Industry

With development being a key area of focus for Mohr Capital, we’re highlighting this area of our business this month, as well as the leader of this sector, our Chief Investment Officer, Gary Horn, who has overseen our build-to-suit and speculative development platforms since 2008. Keep reading to learn more about Gary’s expertise, his take on current industry trends and to find out what sets us apart from the competition.
Like any other industry, commercial real estate is constantly changing, as are the needs of tenants. “Entitlement and compliance are two major changes we are currently seeing in development,” says Gary. “Being able to proactively address various municipal and building code requirements is critical.” However, no matter the changes in the development landscape, understanding the needs of the client and maintaining their trust remains both Mohr Capital’s and Gary’s top priority.
One key relationship that has withstood many changes in the industry is Mohr Capital’s relationship with Cooper Tires. As the tire company’s exclusive real estate provider for both leasehold transactions and development for the past 15 years, Mohr Capital has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to tire manufacturers and their processes, which leads to proactive management of their real estate portfolio. In addition, weekly status meetings and follow-ups noting milestones and critical issues are necessary aspects of a successful partnership such as this. The insights Mohr Capital has gained partnering with Cooper Tires have contributed to other successful development projects, such as a storage and distribution facility currently underway in Indiana for GAF, the largest roofing and waterproofing manufacturer in North America.

Best-in-Class Development. Best-in-Class Talent.

Gary’s mantra has always been, “You’re never wrong to do the right thing,” which has been especially applicable to his work in real estate development. “Providing top notch customer service and meeting client needs have always been and will always be our top priorities at Mohr Capital,” says Gary. “If you are open, honest and diligent, you can always deliver a successful project for all parties.”
Mohr Capital is a trusted partner that can identify and procure the right space every time. With our roots on the tenant side of the business, we structure deals with significant benefits to the tenant, our customer, and are dedicated to delivering the highest quality projects.

Gary Horn: Mohr Capital’s Development Expert

Gary has overseen our build-to-suit and speculative development platforms since 2008 and handles every aspect from procurement to delivery, including vendor selection, entitlement, permitting, financing and project management. Having been in the real estate business for over 30 years, he is widely recognized for his knowledge of real estate development and knack for numbers. Regardless of size, every deal matters to Gary. He considers each deal he closes to be a part of his growing professional achievement.
Gary and the rest of the Mohr Capital team look forward to sharing how we can help your business grow and expand. If you’d like more information about our development services, please contact Gary today.